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"Where you get them skills from? I get it from my mama!" I absolutely LOVE being a hairstylist because I get to connect with women not just in hair, but heart and soul as well. I am gifted to not only enhance beauty, but also to uplift souls! After servicing a client, I no longer look at them as such, but as a sister in love. What I do behind the chair amounts to more than I could ever get paid for. My mom passed at the tender age of 38 when I was 12-she was a hair braider, stylist, and seamstress. I didn't find it strange that I started eventually sewing in addition to hairstyling. My Pressing Comb grandmother passed in 2020 at the precious age of 92 and she was straightening hair up until months before she passed. I guess it's safe to say,  I am definitely an Heir to Hair; Hence I created "THE HEIRESS BRAND by Sierra".


I continue to evolve with the trends as well as pursuing my education. I have been exposed to and trained by some of the greatest stylists in my field and been mentored by celebrity stylists as well. Not only am I a woman of God, but an artist who uses my gift to transform the lives of others. ​"I am Sierra Shear- Stylist, Mother, Kingdom Builder". I am among the most elite stylists in Charleston and surrounding areas. Establishing The Mansion House of Beauty is just one of the many ways she hopes to ELEVATE the style of women.

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